Jen's the person you want to sit next to at dinner... 


The person you want to travel with. The person you want to know for a long, long time. Her knowledge and passion go deep and wide. She samples the world with boundless fascination and a disarming openness. This is what she brings from her life to her work. She delves into alternative possibilities not for the sake of novelty, but because exploration leads to innovation and reveals unique opportunities. Clients find this refreshingly unique and incredibly valuable.

Her ambition is always to make the work better: stronger, clearer, more focused and actionable.  She encourages everyone  to build on each other's ideas, whether it's a Latina mom in a research project or an executive leadership team in a Day One Strategy Session. 

At Sparrow, Jen's the one with the clear vision of where to go and what to do. She has the talents and know-how, the experience and energy to make it happen. And no big ego to get in the way. She's sometimes a few minutes late but always with a smile on her face and a great story to tell: "You won't believe what I just saw..."

LinkedIn Highlights: Canadian. American. Fluent Spanish Speaker. Yale BA + MBA. Bain.     US Peace Corps Philippines. Cummins de Mexico. JWT Mexico. CP+B. W+K.

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